Soft Launch Announcement From The Scout Team

Soft Launch Announcement From The Scout Team

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Today, Scout humbly celebrates the launch of our brand and mission: To be the most trusted seafood brand in North America while reducing food waste and protecting our oceans.

In solidarity with the movement taking place in support of racial justice and against systemic racism toward people of colour, our team is learning how we can be effective and active participants in this critical movement, both internally and externally. We are finding our footing on how our small and growing brand can be part of the solution in ending racial injustice.

In respect of the movement that has taken place as a result of the unjust killings of people of colour and systemic racism that has permeated society, this past week our team came together for our first ally workshop. The goal of this workshop was to establish a plan moving forward on how our brand can incorporate meaningful anti-racism into our mission and company culture, in addition to all of the personal work we need to do as individuals. Right now we are showing up and listening, we recognize it’s not perfect but we are engaged.

Accountability is one of our core values at Scout, and these times only enforce how important this value is for all of us to live by. At its core, our mission is about the intersection of people and planet in support of climate action through community and the enjoyment of food. This includes the integration of anti-racism leadership in the actions we take across all parts of our company and how we interact with our community. In the coming weeks, we will share how we are holding ourselves accountable to our commitment made here.

Our team would be grateful to hear from you if you have thoughts, questions or resources to share with us. On behalf of the leadership team at Scout, we hope you enjoy Scout and can join us in our mission.


Adam Bent
Co-Founder & CEO

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