Achieving B Corp Status and Supporting First Nations Rights with Festival Afloat

Achieving B Corp Status and Supporting First Nations Rights with Festival Afloat

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The vastness of our oceans and waterways makes it difficult to regulate the seafood industry. Policy and enforcement on a global level continues to be unclear and accountability often remains absent, allowing for environmental and human rights abuses to proliferate without repercussions. Many consumers don’t know where their seafood comes from or how it was caught, so what you buy at the grocery store can very well be supporting Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing.

Scout began challenging the status quo in 2019 with commitments to supply chain transparency and climate action in support of environmental and social justice within the seafood industry. For our team at Scout, the fight has just begun.

In one of the many steps we have taken to achieve our mission of becoming the most trustworthy brand in seafood, Scout is pleased to announce our official B Corp status. In honour of this achievement and in allyship with First Nations communities, Scout is proudly supporting RAVEN Trust, Canada's only NGO working with Indigenous Nations to defend their rights with access to the courts by raising legal defense funds. 

Through Scout’s 1% for The Planet partnership, Scout and RAVEN are hosting Festival Afloat, a benefit concert for Heiltsuk Nation’s legal challenge protecting the Great Bear Sea and Gitxaała Nation’s campaign to cancel mineral leases on Lax k’naga dzol (Banks Island).

“Our oceans and waterways are our biggest defense system against climate change and our First Nations communities are on the front lines of activism in this fight” says Adam Bent, Co-Founder & CEO at Scout.

Join Scout and Raven for
Festival Afloat July 7-17th to celebrate responsible seafood and our First Nations communities while enjoying a stunning concert series on the beautiful British Columbia. Tickets for this event are by donation and encouraged.

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